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Ever heard of an hairy ape? Go to mirror and see if you have hair on your stunning back! IF YES, that’s how an hairy ape look like.If its ok to you, you are fine but if you want to get rid of your body hair, then you would a back hair shaver and this article is for you!

Bakblade “Big Mouth” Back Hair Shaver

blade back shaver






Product description:

altThe registered bakblade (trademark) blade has ability to work in less flexible environment and thus have the ability to clear your back from hair either with dry shaving ( without the use of shaving lubricant or shaving gel) or wet shaving ( with the use of lubricant or shaving gel).

Customer satisfaction level:

Rated at 4.5 stars out of 5 stars,this product is enjoyed by a lot of customers who were annoyed by excess of back hairs earlier. It is very easy to handle and long enough to reach every part of back.

Sharp blade avoid cuts and helps to remove 99% of hair from your back.However some people called it a bit pricey. But if can make you hairless. Does money matters?




Razorba Back Hair Shaver







Product description:

Awarded best of web by “Maxim Magazine”, this product is convenient and easy to use. Moreover look at the price? It is very cheap instead of other items of its kind. It helps you to shave your back hair, ultimately for your self and with convenience.

Customer satisfaction level:

Razorba Back Hair Shaver is ranked at 4.3 out of 5 stars. Media remark for this unique product are:

“If you’d like to put your back hair days behind you, perform a reach-around with the Razorba.” 
– Maxim Magazine 

“The great part about shaving is it is painless, and inexpensive… For the guy on a budget the Razorba is a really great option.” 
– Kyan Douglas- The Learning Channel: 10 Years Younger 

“Sharp new back hair shaver.” 
– Stuff Magazine 

While the customers were astomished by its hyper quality working. One of them said that was astonished to see its working ability at such a cheap price.Amazon-order

BRO SHAVER Back Hair Shaver







Product Description:

Outrageously Fast, Comfortable, and Close shaving. The solution you’ve been waiting for. No chance of skin irritation with All New Comfy Cloud Shaving System. Its plus point is that we can use any standard blade system.

Customer Staisfaction Level:

alt   BroShaver back blade shaving product is popular among customers due to its cheap refills. Standard blade usage facility takes a lot of burden away from your shoulders as standard blades are much cheaper than those specially designed for men. Moreover it includes 15 double sided safety blades included with the package.
However please don’t store it in shower otherwise your product can rust!



EVOLVE Body Razor Back Hair Shaver






Product Feature:

Made in USA, easily fold-able handle and cheaper than others.

Customer Satisfaction Level:

People are happy due to its travel friendly folding structure. Moreover its a very user friendly product.However some complains about blades are received that come along with it free, however using self bought quality blades can solver that problem.


So, whats our decision? in my opinion for long term economical benefit, choose a shaver which don’t demand special blades and you can use cheap standard blades for it. Now lets see, how is your memory? which of the above uses standard blades? Tell us in comments!

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