Best home laser hair removal devices 2021: Buyer’s guide

Best home laser hair removal devices 2017

Hair removal is a common need of every men and woman and they want to have a good and perfect solution for this so here we are giving a detailed review about best home laser hair removal devices for you. After reading this article you will be able to know the best at home laser hair removal products.


best Home Laser Hair Removal 2021 review

Why is Laser hair removal the best?

Laser technology is used to remove hair from the body. It is effective and easy as it gives best results. Hair removal from a laser at home is cheap than going to the experts.
Now, in 2021 you have many latest laser hair removal products which can give effective results at home. No need to go to any hair removal clinic. Be an expert yourself right now!
Laser at home will save a lot of money and also your time!

Things to remember before laser hair removal

Although laser technology is getting popularity day by day but which device is good for us. It is very important to know.
You should know about
Your skin type
your skin color
which device is better for you?

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Best Home Laser Hair Removal Products – Review

Laser hair removal is also famous as LHR is now the choice of many women.
After using this process you become free for many months from hair removal tension.
Here are top 5 best at home hair removal lasers.

1. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser

The Tria Hair Removal Laser is one of the best at home hair removal laser.
It is designed with some latest and advanced features that give the permanent. The most important thing is that it gives the professional laser experience at home. The skin becomes smooth after using this.It reduces the hair production to more than 60 percent.



• quick and effective in removing hair
• Easy and simple use
• cheap than professional laser
• Easy and automatic


• painful
• not suitable for white, gray and red hair
• Not works on tattoos
• takes time

2. LumaRx IPL at-home hair removal device

This is also one of the best at-home hair removal device. The most exciting thing about the product is that it claims to remove almost 94 percent hair from the body. Using the IPL technology it gives the best hair removal experience.
It can be used to any part of the body. It is easy to use for facial hair removal for women.
It is not effective on white, red and gray hair colors.



• fast hair removal
• easy to handle
• good for facial hair
• good rates
• best seller


• pain
• Time taking
• not work on gray, red and white hair
• small for large areas

3. Philips Lumea Hair Removal System

The Philips Lumea is a Comfort IPL system for Hair Removal. It gives the silky skin and best hair removal experience to the sensitive areas of the body.

Philips uses IPL technology that reduces hair up to 75 percent. It works on all light shade hair and it is one of the devices with most affordable price.



  • not painful

  • easy to  control

  • small to handle

  • Lower price

  • reduces hair



  • can’t be used on all areas

  • time taking

  • Eye protection issue

4. Silken Flash & Go laser hair removal

This light based product is designed to use on all the body. It gives fast and permanent results. Work effectively on sensitive areas of bikini lines and underarms.


  • low price

  • Easy to handle

  • Less painful

  • Small in size



  • eye protection required

  • irritation

  •  skin burning

  • needs patience

Veet Infini’Silk Pro Laser Hair Removal System

This is a device made for both men and women. It gives best results in quick time. It removes the unwanted hair permanently.Easy to use at sensitive areas like underarms, bikini line and chest as well.




  • easy to use
  • longer use time
  • Effective and quick
  • greater coverage of hair



  • pain
  • cannot use on  tattoos areas
  • Not effective on all  hair colors
  • can’t be used on a face


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