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A warmth treatment is generally known to be useful for the eyes. It helps to get relief in irritation, reddness and dryness within the eyes. A lot of reasons can cause this. These may include conditions such as blepharitis ,dermatitis ,rosacea ,viral infections,tiredness,conjunctivitis,bacterial infections,sinusitis, allergies,a sty or just wearing of contact lenses.Warm treatment by various indigenous methods ( such as warm water, warm cloth or electronic hot treatment devices) can be given as quick and first aid relief to eyes.

As we know that eyes are sensitive to may environmental factors. In case of  any ibnormnal things that happens to eyes even extreme tiredness or wearing contact lenses for too long, your eyes may suffer.In such cricumstances the using mild heat treatment may hel the eyesa and may lessen their suffering.

Cautions while using warm treatment:

Anyhow although warm or heat treatment to eyes has no side effects and is danger free. One must take care and should not take it as sole treatment for eyes. Consult with eye specialist as soon as possible so that any serious problem is solved at the first hand. Don’t take your sensitive eyes lightly.

Secondly, as mentioned earlier, the eyes are most sensitive organ of our body, so take care of cross contamination problem. Whatever come sin contact with your eyes must be germ free and should be properly cleaned or sanitized.

Thirdly, conjunctivitis ( often called pink eye) is an inflammation or swelling of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the thin transparent layer of tissue that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and covers the white part of the eye. In case of this problem, don’t take risk by applying warm treatment to your eyes. Pure medical treatment is necessary in this case. This happens especially in children, so don’t take their eye problems lightly.

Well, apart from usual home remedies of eye treatment, now technology has brought you electronic steam based eye mask where you can adjust the temperature yourselves. One such product is reviewed in this article.

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USB Heating Lavender Hot Steam Eye Mask By ” AROMA SEASON”





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Product description:

This eye mask technology is based on Japanese Disposable Hot Steam Eye Mask but it is better developed and can be reused. This newly released and better style eye mask is reusable along with being environment friendly. Cover can be  removed and easily washed. The heater inside eye mask is made from carbon fiber powered by 5 Volt safety voltage.

Aroma Season USB Heating Lavender Hot Steam Silk Eye Mask, Lavender Scented Luxury Silk Warm Eye Mask (Silver Silk)

You can power it with USB charger, power bank and USB port on PC.  It’s a perfect travel companion for traversing time zone and curing jet lag. Eyes become dry and feel tired by working on computer whole day. At this time warm treatment may help to stay fresh and easy.

Lavender which is a part of this treatment and indigenous to Europe. Lavender (many members of its genus) is cultivated extensively in temperate climates. Its general value involves as  ornamental plants for garden and landscape use, for use as culinary herbs, and also commercially for the extraction of essential oils. Its essential oils are famous as anti inflammatory, anti septic and for good fragrance.Natural lavender flower is also included in the eye mask which will help you get into a deep sleep.

How to use it:

Using Aroma Season USB Heating Lavender Hot Steam Silk Eye Mask is as easy as “abc”. its soothing, comfortable and refreshing. You will feel your eyes light weighed even after hours of computer work. Just take a little time to use this extremely good therapy product whenever you feel tired.




Hot Steam Eye Mask Therapy with USB by EYE-HELP®

hot steam eye mask




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Product Description:

  • COMFORTABLE & SAFE: Super soft 100% pure cotton of the surface, no irritation to the skin with low voltage. It will stop automatically when you fall into deep sleep.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL & TIMING: It has 3 classes heat temperature from 37~50 °C and 2 classes timing from 10-15 minutes. Three light colors indicate different temperatures.
  • EXTRA LONG USB LINE: Even a laptop, USB adapter, power bank, computer and car charger can charge a reference constant temperature heating line
  • CONVENIENT & WASHABLE: The sachet inside can be removed, the outside is washable, which can be used repeatedly.
  • CLASSIC & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Conducive to reduce fatigue, eliminate dark circles, help with sleeping no matter in home or in travel.
Who needs it badly?
  • people working on computers
  • Those who have to work with concentration, under pressure
  • Sentitivemates vulnerable to insomnia
  • Students who need to concentrate on books all day


Final Words….

Although these products are good for relaxation and make your eyes feel soothing. Please be aware this hot steam eye mask therapy do not replace medication. Consult your eye specialist if you have severe problem in any case.


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